Photo: Musician Onboard

Musician on Board

Photo: Live music featured aboard a sunset cocktail cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation.

One of my shots from our 2nd Maui visit back in ‘07 while out on the water. With all the great views of the shoreline, the resorts, mountains and other boats on the water, not to mention the islands of Molokai and Lanai at sunset, there was more than enough to shoot if you could handle your viewfinder along with the motion of the ocean.

I broke away from photographing the gorgeous vistas back towards shore to frame this candid while the musician was playing. While I wasn’t happy with the placement of the microphone in front of his face – you did notice that, didn’t you – it wasn’t my place to ask him to move it.

The running joke here is that if I had moved to my right any further for this shot, I would have been doing underwater photography instead. 🙂

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