Photo: Disappointment


Photo: Rockford Ice Hogs goaltender Joe Fallon looks up at the scoreboard after letting in a late goal. Although it didn’t change the outcome of the game, goalies still hate getting beat.

The final hockey image from my theme here this week after an awesome shoot at the start of the week. This one was taken near the end of the game after Rockford gave up their final goal in their victory over the Wolves. Even if you weren’t at the game or knew the outcome, you can almost tell just be the look of this shot that something bad happened for this guy.

After all, photos are supposed to tell a story, right?

The Final Horn

As I alluded to, this is the last post in my little hockey mini-series here this week. I haven’t posted all the photos from this game on Flickr yet, and I still have plans to retool my Hockey Portfolio, but in the mean time, check out the hockey tag here at the blog to find the other photos from this week’s posts as well as those from the previous games I’ve shot at.

– Kris

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